Video Sensor Network 

The future of surveillance and monitoring both in commercial and defence applications will largely depend on visual monitoring. This is due to the availability of low cost high definition and high resolution cameras coupled with development of video information extraction methods. Amongst computer vision applications, the area related to intelligent surveillance networks is one of the most prominent, driven by the demand in surveillance for commercial, law enforcements and military applications. The integration of image processing, computer vision and networking tasks will help develop a new, exciting and challenging scientific research area at the intersection of video and network technologies. IMS research forecasts that the video analytics market will reach approximately $850M by 2009 from a low $65M in 2004. The growth in this type of technology is about 65% annually and is still growing. The key objective of the project is to develop a novel framework of reusable algorithms for long term behaviour analysis using multimedia wireless sensor networks. It will enable technology demonstration of inter-networking camera nodes for intelligent behaviour analysis.


The technology developed has many potential applications both indoor and outdoor. A few applications are:

(1) Access Control

(2) Healthcare

(3) Business Intelligence

(4) Environmental monitoring

(5) Monitoring Wildlife

(6) Traffic control



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