Environmental Monitoring

The environmental dynamics of marine systems such as the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) are highly complex. Many parts of the GBR will remain under-sampled as a result of the economically unviable manual sampling methods currently in use. The objective is to enable the generation of long-term data required to decouple climate-change from weather variability, provide accurate and high resolution data to models running in real time in order to predict reef health and so provide management tools for managers of the GBR. There are several major challenges faced in the rollout of a sensor network across the GBR: Establishing long range communications to outer reefs (>100 km); Local short range/ad hoc sensor networks for reef deployment; Sensor design, packaging, development and power supply; Handling large number of independent data streams; and Data curation and management. The software and hardware modules that will eventually be deployed on the GBR first require testing in a controlled environment.

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