SensorMap for The Great Barrier Reef

Staff: M. Palaniswami, Ian Atkinson, Stuart Kininmonth, Slaven Marusic;
Post Doctoral Research Fellow: Jayavardhana Gubbi.
Student: Sutharshan Rajasegarar.
Introduction: Recent developments in technology together with widely observed climate change phenomena have revealed coral reef ecosystems as critical areas greatly susceptible to impact of global climate variations as well as other man-made influences, but also as early indicators of such events.

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Significance: The need to understand and protect such delicate ecosystems has created an urgent demand for the sensor networks technologies to be deployed in order to perform essential environmental monitoring and information collection. This data can then be analysed by higher level systems such as a semantic web to eventually provide predictive information on destructive events such as coral bleaching.
Applications: Utilising the core infrastructure associated with a sensor network deployment currently in progress on the Great Barrier Reef, this project will aid in the collection and dissemination of a diverse range of unique sensor data.
Challenges: The proposed SensorMap project on The Great Barrier Reef will provide a valuable interface between the sensors and higher level objectives of multidisciplinary research teams around the world, from sensor networks researchers to marine biologists.
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