Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks


Nallasamy Mani;
Post Doctoral Research Fellow: Alistair Shilton.

Student: Sophia Kaplantzis.

Ahmet Sekercioglu, Monash University.

Introduction: The aim of our project is developing a theoretical model to detect DoS routing threats in WSNs in an accurate and energy efficient manner, using smart classification techniques.
Significance: In particular we are investigating the robustness of state-of-the-art routing protocols against a spectrum of attacks including Black hole attacks, selective forwarding attacks and packet spoofing attacks. We then adopt computational intelligence techniques such as ANNs, SVM, game theory in an attempt to build an accurate and optimized intrusion detection system for WSNs that works in conjunction with such protocols.
Applications: The applicability of techniques such as LISYS and Honeypots for WSNs are to be investigated.
Challenges: A simulation tool based on OMNeT++ has been developed to further investigate the credibility of our theories.
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