Smart Shoe Sensors


Rezaul Begg;
Post Doctoral Research Fellow: Daniel T. H. Lai.

Student: Sai Kwong Chong, To Yan Chan, Xiaorong Chen.

Robert Stokes, Victoria University.

Introduction: The major objective for this project is to develop wireless sensor systems that would allow analysis of human movement and gait functions to be carried out in the natural movement environment rather than in the lab i.e., while performing various activities of daily living.
Significance: Initial work in this area has allowed us to develop a prototype shoe sensor system to monitor foot motion over the ground.
Applications: Major application areas involve: detecting tripping risks in fall-prone older adults and amputees, development of biofeedback system for helping people in rehabilitation, and analysing performance during sporting activities.
Challenges: Further developments are underway including inclusion of additional sensors and on-board intelligent signal processing for real-time decision-making and feedback.
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