Cross-compatibility between Bio-inspired Elementary Small Target Motion Detection (eSTMD) and Traditionally Engineered Solutions for Target Detection and Tracking


David O'Carroll, Subhash Challa.

Student: Steven Wiederman.

Patrick Shoemaker, Tanner Research, USA.

Introduction: We have previously developed a bio-inspired model, based on neural processing within the insect visual system, which allows for the detection of small moving targets against cluttered moving backgrounds.
Significance: This research involves a multidisciplinary approach, combining an investigation of cellular neurophysiology, via electrophysiological techniques, with the development of mathematical models that mimic this complex biological behaviour. We presently have a collaborative link with a US industry partner that implements hardware versions of our biomimetic models in analog VLSI circuitry.
Applications: The aim of our project is to develop a close collaborative environment between the two disciplines ensuring knowledge of the different computational approaches are shared and that solutions to problems associated with target detection are derived.
Challenges: The ISSNIP component of our project is presently investigating regions of cross-compatibility between our biological modelling with more traditionally engineered solutions of target detection and tracking.
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