BigNet Sensor Network Testbed

Staff: Palaniswami (UMelb), Kotagiri (UMelb), Tucker (UMelb), Atkinson (JCU), Pathirana (Deakin), Leckie (UMelb), Mendis (UMelb), Buyya (UMelb), Duckham (UMelb), Halgamuge (UMelb), Woods (JCU), Kulik (UMelb), Tanin (UMelb), Dey (UMelb), Vo (UMelb), Smith-Miles (Deakin) and Zukerman (UMelb).
Introduction: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have taken only a decade from being postulated to being driven by industry standards (the ZigBee Alliance has over 200 members). Many large scale implementations are under construction around the world.
Significance: ISSNIP is collaborating with CUBIN and NICTA to develop a Wireless Sensor Network Testbed, ?BigNet?. BigNet will be constructed in stages throughout 2008 and beyond. It will enable a partnership of academic groups and industry to conduct research, teaching and application development. It will create a focus and a testbed for sensors networks in Australia and will become an important element of national infrastructure.
Applications: A student laboratory for sensor network testbed has also been funded by the A. E. Rowden White Foundation. Student projects will be supervised by staff from Geomatic Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Computer Science & Software Engineering and Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Students will be on working in groups that span departments to maximise the learning potential and exposure to a range of disciplines during their final year of undergraduate study. Currently ISSNIP students and postdocs are implementing a small testbed with 25 sensors to demonstrate the developed anamoly detection algorithms.
Testbed Deployment Projects:
* Generic Sensor Network Testbed for Anomaly Detection
* Wireless marine sensor networks
* WSN Security
* Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network - A case study
* Wireless Body Area Networks
* Wireless Sensing and Monitoring for Aged Healthcare
* Spatial Computation in WSNs
* Data-centric routing and collection
* Web and grid enablement
* Laboratory for Integrated sensing and networking for real time data acquisition and visualization (Deakin)
* High Data Rate Marine Information Stream
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