Detecting Anomalies in Wireless Sensor Networks

Staff: Chris Leckie, M. Palaniswami.
Student: Sutharshan Rajasegarar.
James C Bezdek
Introduction: Wireless sensor networks consist of large number of sensors, which are capable of communicating via a wireless medium. They are resource constrained in terms of energy, which affects their communication capabilities. Sensor networks are vulnerable to malicious attacks and faults. This would introduce misbehavior in the measurements it collects as well as traffic in the network.

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Applications: Distributed approaches are presented, which perform more in-network processing in the network with minimum communication overhead, for detecting these anomalies in wireless sensor networks.
Challenges: A key challenge in sensor networks is to identify these misbehaviors or anomalies in the network with high accuracy while consuming minimum energy in the network so as to prolong the lifetime of the network.
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