Sensor Net International Scientific Advisory Committee (SNISAC)

Sensor Net has established an International Scientific Advisory Committee consisting of the world's top researchers and research leaders in the area of sensor networks and its core disciplines. SNISAC will meet in Australia once every year and participate in several meetings designed to overview Sensor Net research activities and advise on research directions. SNISAC members will also present seminars and short courses and participant in ISSNIP. The members of the International Scientific advisory Committee are

Dr. S. P. Kumar (Sensor Networks Program manager-DARPA, USA) Prof. D. Estrin (CENS, UCLA, USA)
Prof. U. Ramacher (Infineon, Germany) Dr M. Basu (Sensor Networks Program manager-NSF, USA)
Prof. K. Ben Letaief (HKUST, Hong Kong) Prof S. S. Iyengar (LSU, USA)
Prof. Vittal Rao (Sensor Networks Program Director, NSF, USA) Dr M. Mallick (Lockheed-Martin-Orincon, USA)
Dr. H. Schmitt (Raytheon, USA) Dr. J. Sutcliff (BAE, Australia)
Prof. F. Akyildiz (Georgia Tech, USA) D. Fogel (Natural Selection Inc, USA)
D. Cochran (ASU, USA) Dr. Harold Szu (Office of Naval Research, USA)

ISSNIP Affiliated International Researchers

Prof. Ron Chen (City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong) Dr. Daniel Ralph (University of Cambridge, UK)
Prof. Peter Bartlett (University of California-Berkeley, USA) Dr. Muralidhar K Ghantasala (Western Michigan University, USA)
Prof. S. Sitharama Iyengar (Louisiana State University, USA) Prof. Steven Low (Caltech, USA)
Dr. Mandayam A Srinivasan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA) Prof. Vikram Krishnamoorthy (University of British Columbia, Canada)
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