Professor Terry Caelli

Personal Details
Affiliation: FIEEE, FIAPR; Professor/Associate Chair (Research) Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta, Canada; Director of University Relations for the University of Alberta, iCORE
Contact Details
Mail Address:
Personal Website: http://
Areas of Expertise
Research: Computer Assisted Perception and Action Systems: Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Environmental Sensing & GIS. General interests lie in the development of Computer Assisted Perception and Action Systems which use sensing, signal processing, computer vision and pattern recognition techniques. He is currently working on two main areas: (1)Environmental Monitoring and Image Understanding. This work is concerned with the development of intelligent sensing systems for aiding the monitoring and intepreting spatio-temporal data sensed from active or passive sensors. Projects include:(a) the development of computer assisted Forestry Inventory systems from aerial cameras and other sensors; (b) the development of integrated GPS/GIS systems for monitoring human and animal behaviour in natural environments; (c) computer assisted map revision. (2) Measuring, recognizing and predicting complex human actions. This work is concerned with training machines to describe, recognize and predict complex human skills and transfer such skills to others. Here we use both cameras and active sensors to obtain 3D movement information.
Application Areas:
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