Prof. Peter Bartlett

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Affiliation: Division of Computer Science and Department of Statistics, University of California at Berkeley.
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Personal Website: http://
Since obtaining a Ph.D from the University of Queensland, Prof Bartlett has served as an associate editor of the journals Machine Learning, Mathematics of Control Signals and Systems, the Journal of Machine Learning Research, and the Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, as a member of the editorial boards of Machine Learning and the Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, and as a member of the steering committees of the Conference on Computational Learning Theory and the Algorithmic Learning Theory Workshop. He has provided consulting services to a number of corporations, including General Electric and Telstra. In 2001, he was awarded the Malcolm McIntosh Prize for Physical Scientist of the Year in Australia, for his work in statistical learning theory. He is an honorary professor in the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at the University of Queensland. He has been an invited speaker at almost 40 international institutions and conferences. He has provided consulting services to Telstra, General Electric Corporate Research and Development, the Australian Taxation Office and the Australian Customs Office. He maintains Membership of numerous Professional Societies. He has served as organizer or program committee member for 26 international conferences/workshops. His editing and reviewing responsibilities include: NSF Panel, Machine Learning Research Grants and Associate Editor, Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research. He has been a reviewer for approximately 25 international book publishers and journals, including numerous IEEE Transactions. He is currently the partner Chief Investigator for an ARC grant worth $256000.
Areas of Expertise
Research: Machine learning, statistical learning theory, and adaptive control.
Application Areas:
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