Professor Svetha Venkatesh

Personal Details
Affiliation: Department of Computing Curtin University of Technology
Contact Details
Mail Address:
Personal Website: http://
She has won several awards at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, is a Senior member of IEEE and the recipient of the Curtin University Vice Chancellors Award for Excellence. She was the technical program co-chair of the International Conference on Pattern Recognition in 1998 and has served on the program and organising committees of several international and national conferences. She is an active participant of the Australian Pattern Recognition Society (President: 1993, Vice-president:1992, 1999, 2000). She has worked for 8 years in industry as a systems analyst, and then as the regional systems manager, prior to 1988. Her funding record is approximately $7.3 million from ARC, DSTO and State Government. She also has links with the ARC Centre in Perceptive & Intelligent Machines in Complex Environments, Intelligent Process Operation Management, as well as international collaborative links to The University of Texas at Arlington, Georgia Tech and Rutgers University.
Areas of Expertise
Research: Large scale pattern recognition; Intelligent content management systems; Probablistic reasoning systems Multimedia Annotation and Retrieval; Movie and Film understanding systems; Video and Image Indexing and Querying; Spatial Knowledge Representation, Indexing and Querying; Computer Vision, Active Vision, Biological Vision; Spatial Reasoning
Application Areas:
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