Professor Marimuthu Palaniswami

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Affiliation: Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering The University of Melbourne
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Personal Website: http://
Dr Palaniswami was a technical program Chair for the IEEE Conference on Neural Networks, was an Associate Editor of IEEE Trans on Neural Networks, and served on the editorial board of Computational Intelligence in Finance, Australia New Zealand Journal of Intelligent Information Processing, and Computers and Informatics. He has been a program committee member and organizing committee member for more than 15 international conferences including an IEEE conference tutorial chairman, all in areas related to this topic. He has given numerous key note lectures and his contribution has also been well recognized with invited tutorials in premiere international conferences. In the last few years, he has attracted industry and research grants more than a million dollars. His research students have won five best student paper awards from international conferences of societies such as IEEE and SAE; two undergraduate students have won IEEE Region 10 best student paper awards, and four best undergraduate project awards including a state finalist for Siemens Prize. A commercialization grant to the tune of $180,000 has been awarded for a Ph.D project in machine learning for automatic number plate recognition.
Areas of Expertise
Research: Machine Learning; Neural Networks; Intelligent and Adaptive control; Telecommunications; Signal and Image Processing. This expertise has been applied to: Automation in Industry; Banking and Finance; Defense; Environment Protection; Information Retrieval; and a new research program on Bioinformatics (discovering relationships among large biological datasets). Projects have included: Content based search engines; Electronic monitoring of fish species; Automotive engine control; Automatic target recognition; Auto scaling of ionograms; Option pricing and financial models; Portfolio management; Weather monitoring; Modeling of blast furnaces;
Application Areas:
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