Professor Dinesh Sood

Personal Details
Affiliation: Electrical and Computer Engineering RMIT University Australia
Contact Details
Mail Address:
Personal Website: http://
Prof Sood currently has approximately $1 million of funding from ARC, CRC for Microtechnology, RMIT University (for the Microelectronics and Materials Technology Centre (MMTC)).
Areas of Expertise
Research: Actively engaged in inter-disciplinary research and development in MEMS- Sensors and Materials, Micro- and Nano-Engineering/Technology: - Micro Machines, Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), Sensors, Actuators, Fabrication and Processing of MEMS or Deposition, Chemical Vapour Deposition. Magnetic Thin Films. High Aspect Ration Structures for micro fabrication, Selective Electroplating, Electroforming, Smart Materials, Thin Film Deposition, Sputtering, Magnetron, Physical Vapour Deposition. - Surface Modification of Materials, Ion Bombardment, Ion Beam Interactions, Ion Beam Analysis, Accelerators for Materials Characterisation. Friction and Wear, Hardness, Micro Indentation, Structure Property Correlation, Failure analysis of Materials. Physical Metallurgy, Phase Transformations, Diffusion, High Temperature Oxidation, Metals, Ceramics for Engineering, Oxides, Nitrides, Carbides and Borides, Magnetic Materials.
Application Areas:
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