Professor Alex Rubinov

Personal Details
Affiliation: Director of Centre for Informatics and Applied Optimization, University of Ballarat
Contact Details
Mail Address:
Personal Website: http://
Prof Rubinov serves on numerous editorial boards, including: Journal of Global Optimization; Optimization; Optimization Methods and Software; Journal of Inequalities in Pure and Applied Mathematics; Applied and Computational Mathematics (Azerbaijan). Over the last five years he has presented 24 talks and invited lectures at international conferences and workshops. He has also been a Program Committee member for six international conferences and workshops. His seminar duties included: Head of the scientific seminar Mathematical Economics (Institute for Social and Economic Problems, Leningrad); Head of the scientific seminar Nonsmooth Analysis and Mathematical Economics (Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Baku). His funding record from 1997 exceeds $1 million, from the Australian Research Council, Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing, University of Ballarat, and various industry grants.
Areas of Expertise
Research: Optimization, convexity and its generalizations, nonsmooth analysis, clustering and classification, economic equilibrium and dynamics.
Application Areas:
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