Dr Himanshu Roy Pota

Personal Details
Affiliation: School of Information Technology & Electrical Engineering The University of New South Wales
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Personal Website: http://
After obtaining his PhD from the University of Newcastle, Dr Pota has held teaching and research positions at several universities in the USA. He has secured close to a million dollars in competitive peer-reviewed research funding. Dr Pota currently holds two ARC Grants. In addition to ARC funding, he has also been awarded an NSF project grant. Dr Pota?s professional activities include roles as: Associate Editor of the IEEE Control Society, and Conference Editorial Board; International Program Committee for numerous international conferences; Guest Editor for the special issue of IFAC Control Engineering Practice on Emerging Technologies for Active Noise and Vibration Control Systems to be published in July 2004. Dr Pota?s exprience in the design of experiments, actuators and sensors, controller design, and real-time implementation of controller on mechanical systems of practical utility will be greatly useful to Network projects. On the theoretical side the investigator has contributed to: Analysis of nonlinear dynamical systems using Lyapunov theory; modified output control of flexible structure; a novel resonant control technique to damp vibrations in resonant systems; modelling of flexible structures using symbolic computer algebra; modelling sound-structure interaction systems for 3-D environments. This background will be vital to achieve a breakthrough in the problem of actuator and sensor placement for uncertain spatially distributed systems.
Areas of Expertise
Research: Active Control of Acoustic Noise; Dynamics and Control of Flexible Structures; Power System
Application Areas:
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