Associate Professor Brijesh Verma

Personal Details
Affiliation: School of Information Technology Central Queensland University Australia
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Personal Website: http://
Associate Professor Verma is a co-editor in chief of International Journal of Computational Intelligence and Applications (IJCIA) and an associate editor of IEEE Transaction on Biomedicine in Information Technology. He was a General Co-Chair of ICCIMA?03 (China), ICCIMA'01 (Japan), ICCIMA?99 (India), is Proceedings Co-Chair of IEEE CEC'03 (Australia), was Publication and Local Arrangement Chairs of IEEE ICIPS?98 and IPMM?97, was a Program Chair of ICCIMA?98, is/was a Program Committee Member of many national and international conferences. He is a member of IEEE, IEEE Neural Network Society. A/Prof. Verma has published more than seventy technical journal & conference papers, one book, two book chapters and co-edited eight books (IEEE, WSPC). He has received a number of national/international competitive research grants and scholarships from ARC, GU Infrastructure Scheme, GURD Scheme, GU Campus, KBN-Polish Scientific Committee (Equivalent to ARC in Australia), CRC-US Army, Batory Foundation, Indo-Polish Government and Polish Education Ministry at national and international institutes such as Griffith University , University of Missouri-Columbia (USA) and Warsaw University of Technology (Poland).
Areas of Expertise
Research: Computer architecture, emerging technologies, pattern recognition, digital image processing, neural networks and neural evolutionary computing.
Application Areas:
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