Associate Professor Arcot Sowmya

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Affiliation: School of Computer Science and Engineering The University of New South Wales
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Arcot Sowmya has made significant contributions to the area of Learning in Vision since 1994. Her research in this area utilises and extends powerful machine learning techniques and applies them to the complex problem of learning object models for use in object recognition. Remotely sensed images present additional challenges. Her work in this area (with an ARC Large research grant) was extended to automatic map updating in Geographic Information Databases (GIS), and new spatial reasoning techniques for map updating were developed and implemented within popular industry tools. This project attracted industrial collaboration with Australian Surveying and Land Information Group (AUSLIG) in Canberra, and the Australian subsidiary of the San Diego, USA based company, LH Systems LLC, developers of state-of-the-art software for mapping from digital images. Her professional activities include roles as: Member of Editorial Board, Real-Time Systems, Kluwer Academic Publishers; Member, IFAC Technical Committee on Distributed Computer Control Systems; Referee for numerous international journals and many international conferences. Arcot Sowmya has begun developing learning techniques for medical images and currently holds an ARC Linkage grant, in partnership with Philips Medical Systems and Medical Imaging Australasia and is a named investigator for the Centre for Autonomous Systems, ARC Centre of Excellence.
Areas of Expertise
Research: Computer Vision, Machine Learning in Computer Vision, Incremental Learning
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