Event Name Seminar on Zephyr - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Start Date 3rd Feb 2010 1:00pm
End Date
Duration N/A

Title: Zephyr - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Speaker: Norbert Nimmervoll
Time: 1pm, Wednesday Feb 3, 2010
Place: Newton Room, 5th Floor, Dept. of EEE (building 193), The University of Melbourne

Presentation on the QinetiQ Zephyr High Altitude Long Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (HALE UAV). This aircraft is solar powered and is intended to fly at 60,000ft for weeks or months at a time providing the lowest cost persistent overwatch capability available. Zephyr may be thought of as a low cost alternative to satellites capable of providing communications relay, electronic surveillance or day/night Full Motion Video (FMV) over an area of thousands of square kilometres.

Refer to the pdf for details.

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