Event Name Seminar on Energy efficient DNA-based scheduling scheme for wireless sensor networks by A/Prof Shan Suthaharan
Start Date 8th Mar 2010 11:00am
End Date 8th Mar 2010 12:00pm
Duration 1 hour

Title:Energy efficient DNA-based scheduling scheme for wireless sensor networks
Speaker: A/Prof. Shan Suthaharan
Time: 11.00 am, Monday, March 8, 2010
Place: Brown Theatre, Dept. of EEE (building 193), The University of Melbourne

Wireless sensor networks are currently deployed in many areas, particularly for surveillance related applications. Sensors have very limited energy and processing capabilities, hence, it becomes necessary to introduce energy efficient algorithms to maximize the lifetime of a sensor node. We have recently proposed a new scheduling scheme based on the Discrete Time Markov Chain (DTMC) models which have been successfully used in genetics for DNA evolution prediction. Our scheduler has used a single control parameter to control state changes in order to obtain a compromise between network lifetime and throughput. My goal in this talk is to present the mathematical structure of our Discrete Time Markov Chain based scheme and show some of the simulation results that we obtained using a wireless sensor network simulator. Our observations were (i) just after 75% of simulation steps 90% more nodes were alive, (ii) the residual battery power was 82% more and (iii) the packet reception rate was increased by 51% for the entire network when compared to the standard approach.

Speaker Bio: Please visit for more  info.

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