Event Name Seminar on Anomaly detection in wireless sensor networks
Start Date 21st Jan 2009 11:00am
End Date 21st Jan 2009 12:00pm
Duration 1 hour

Title: Anomaly detection in wireless sensor networks

Speaker: Sutharshan Rajasegarar

Date and Time: 21st January 2009, 11.00 am

Location: Brown Theatre, EEE Dept., Bldg 193, The University of Melbourne

A key challenge in resource constrained wireless sensor networks is to identify misbehaviors or anomalies in the network with high accuracy while minimizing energy consumption in the network. Anomalies in wireless sensor networks can occur due to malicious attacks, faulty sensors, changes in the observed external phenomena or errors in communication. Several distributed anomaly detection approaches are presented, which can efficiently and accurately detect anomalies in sensor measurements in wireless sensor networks.

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