Event Name Seminar: Dr. Jelinek: Heart Rate Variability Analysis as part of a Community Health Screening Clinic
Start Date 16th May 2008 3:00pm
End Date 16th May 2008 4:00pm
Duration 1 hour

Location: Brown Theater, EEE Building, THe University of Melbourne 

Speaker: Dr. Jelinek

Abstract: Community health screening traditionally revolves around
non-invasive procedures that include body mass index, family history,
age and gender or invasive testing for cholesterol and blood sugar
levels. It is well known that ECG analysis is a means of identifying
people at risk of heart attacks but it is not recommended in
population screening due to the low positive rate. However in targeted
community health screening such as for people with diabetes the true
positive number increases. In addition heart rate variability may be a
more sensitive marker for cardiac abnormalities. This talk will
discuss the development of an in house analysis programme for linear
and nonlinear parameters. Results obtained using SoftECG were
incorporated into several research projects undertaken at Charles
Sturt University that deal with changes in HRV associated with sugar
loading, the efficacy of the Ewing battery and comparisons between
time and frequency domain versus nonlinear HRV analysis in identifying
preclinical cardiac disease.

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