Event Name Seminar by Prof. Pasi Franti on Developing Speaker Recognition System: from Prototype to Practical Application
Start Date 28th Jan 2009 3:00pm
End Date
Duration N/A

Title: Developing Speaker Recognition System: from Prototype to Practical Application

Speaker: Prof. Pasi Franti

Time and Date: 3:00 pm, 28th Jan 2009

Place: Brown Theatre, EEE, University of Melbourne


In this paper, we summarize the main achievements made in the 4 year PUMS project during 2003-2007. The emphasis is on the practical implementations, how we have moved from Matlab and Praat scripting to C/C++ implemented applications in Windows, UNIX, Linux and Symbian environments, with the motivation to enhance technology transfer. We summarize how the baseline methods have been implemented in practice, how the results are utilized in forensic applications, and compare recognition results to the state-of-art and existing commercial products such as ASIS, FreeSpeech and VoiceNet. Besides voice biometrics, my interests and knowledge are strongest on clustering algorithms.

Brief Bio:

Pasi Fr?nti received his PhD at University of Turku in 1994. He has been Professor in Computer Science from 2000 at University of Joensuu. He has currently over 50 refereed journal and over 100 conference publications. His research areas include image compression, clustering algorithms, speech technology and location-based applications.

His research interests can be summarized in:

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