Event Name Seminar by Prof. Jim Bezdek on Visual Detection of Anomalies in Wireless Sensor Networks
Start Date 23rd Mar 2010 2:00pm
End Date 23rd Mar 2010 3:00pm
Duration 1 hour

Title: Visual Detection of Anomalies in Wireless Sensor Networks

Speaker: Prof. Jim Bezdek

Time and Date: 2.00 pm, Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Place: Brown Theatre, Dept. of EEE (building 193), The University of Melbourne


This talk begins with some general information about wireless sensor networks (WSNs). We propose classification of WSN anomalies as: type 1 (at a single node); type  2 (an entire node); and higher order (a subtree of nodes in the network). We give definitions for three models of anomalies using level sets of ellipsoids. Then we define three measures of similarity on sets of ellipsoids. The similarities in turn enable us to apply visual assessment techniques (the VAT method) to images of the (dis)similarity data so derived. We conclude with two examples that show how elliptical anomalies might be detected in real WSNs.

Brief Bio:

Jim received the PhD in Applied Mathematics from Cornell University in 1973. Jim is past president of NAFIPS (North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society), IFSA (International Fuzzy Systems Association) and the IEEE CIS (Computational Intelligence Society): founding editor the Int'l. Jo. Approximate Reasoning and the IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems: Life fellow of the IEEE and IFSA; and a recipient of the IEEE 3rd Millennium, IEEE CIS Fuzzy Systems Pioneer, and IEEE CIS technical field award Rosenblatt medals. Jim's interests: woodworking, optimization, motorcycles, pattern recognition, cigars, clustering in very large data, fishing, co-clustering, blues music, visual clustering and poker. Jim retired in 2007, and will be coming to a university near you soon.

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