Event Name Seminar by Jiong Jin on Handling Inelastic Traffic in Wireless Sensor Networks
Start Date 14th Oct 2009 3:00pm
End Date
Duration N/A
Description Title: Handling Inelastic Traffic in Wireless Sensor Networks
Speaker: Jiong Jin
Time: 3pm-4pm Wednesday October 14, 2009
Place: Brown Theatre, Dept. of EEE (building 193), The University of Melbourne

The capabilities of sensor networking devices are increasing at a rapid pace. It is therefore not impractical to assume that future sensing operations will involve real time (inelastic) traffic, such as audio and video surveillance, which have strict bandwidth constraints. This in turn implies that future sensor networks will have to cater for a mix of elastic (having no bandwidth constraint requirements) and inelastic traffic. Current state of the art rate control protocols for wireless sensor networks, are however designed with focus on elastic traffic. In our recent work, by adapting a recently developed theory of utility-proportional rate control for wired networks to a wireless setting, we present a mathematical framework that gives us elegant queue backpressure-based algorithms. This allows us to design the first-ever rate control protocol that can efficiently handle a mix of elastic and inelastic traffic in a wireless sensor network. The simplicity of queue backpressure-based algorithm, and the result low complexity of its protocol overhead, aids us in demonstrating the implementation of this novel protocol in a real world sensor network stack, the TinyOS-2.x communication stack for IEEE 802.15.4 radios. We evaluate the real-world performance of this protocol through comprehensive experiments on 20 and 40-node subnetworks of USC's 94-node Tutornet wireless sensor network testbed.
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