Event Name Seminar by Dr Nat Gopalswamy on The Dark Side of the Sun
Start Date 7th Jul 2011 6:00pm
End Date 7th Jul 2011 7:00pm
Duration 1 hour

Time: 6pm-7pm, Thursday 7 July 2011

Venue: Theatre 3, Rm 2.05, Level 2, ICT Building, University of Melbourne, 111 Barry Street, Carlton

Abstract: We all know that life thrives on Earth because the Sun shines. All the food and fuel we have on Earth are from the Sun’s energy. Sun has also another face which adversely affects life on Earth. Scientists are involved in understanding this dark side of the Sun under a subject known as space weather.  The dark side is represented by the mass emission from the Sun in form of coronal mass ejections and solar wind that gush into space with speeds exceeding several hundred kilometers per second.  This talk describes the origin of this mass emission and how it affects life on Earth.

Brief Bio: Dr. Nat Gopalswamy is a staff scientist with the Solar Physics Laboratory, Heliophysics Division of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. He works with the SOHO, Wind, and STEREO teams working on problems in solar and solar terrestrial physics. He is an expert on coronal mass ejections and its heliospheric consequences. He is also a solar radio astronomer working on thermal and nonthermal radio emission from the Sun. Dr. Gopalswamy was a Research Scientist at the University of Maryland, College Park (1985 -1997) and a Research Professor at the Catholic University (1997 – 2002). He received his PhD from the Indian Institute of Science in 1982.

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