Event Name IEEE SP Seminar by John Jenkins on Intellectual Property
Start Date 17th Aug 2009 6:00pm
End Date
Duration N/A

Title: Intellectual Property – the most valuable business asset [pdf]

Speaker: Mr. John Jenkins

Time and Date: 6:00pm refreshments for, 6:30pm start, Monday, 17 August 2009

Place: Auditorium, Engineers Australia Building, 21 Bedford Street, North Melbourne


Intellectual Property (IP) at the most fundamental level represents the property of your mind or intellect. Relating this definition to a typical business, IP can be thought of as the collection of ideas created by the owner that are unique and essential to the business. Because it is an intangible asset, business owners are sometimes unaware that they own valuable IP. This can prove disastrous particularly if the business is using IP owned by someone else.
In this talk, the basics of IP will be outlined, including the different ways that IP can be protected and the procedures that must be followed to acquire registered rights for patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeder’s rights. The presentation will also outline the pivotal role played by IP Australia in the administration of Australia’s IP system and what products and services are available to help people understand the process of obtaining registered IP rights.

Brief Bio:

John Jenkins was born in Brisbane in 1951. After completing a Bachelor of Economics degree in 1970, John took up a position with the Australian Bureau of Statistics in Canberra. Following a short stint with the University of Queensland, he joined the then Department of Administrative Services in 1980. In 1981, he moved to the Department of Social Security, Melbourne (now Centrelink) where he worked in various areas of DSS, including finance, office services and the regional network. His last position was manager of the North Melbourne office.
John commenced with IP Australia in 1995 as the Victorian manager. IP Australia is the Australian Government agency responsible for administering patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeder’s rights. During this period he has gained an extensive knowledge of lodgement and customer service functions in relation to the four registered rights. Using this knowledge he has assisted many small to medium enterprises with their intellectual property issues.
He has also gained a thorough knowledge of the SME service provider network in Victoria and consequently been able to refer many people to the appropriate service provider. More recently, he has been developing alliances with a range of service providers to inform them about IP and the role of IP Australia and to collaborate with them to help educate SMEs about the critical role of IP in building sustainable businesses.
John is a member of the Intellectual Property Society of Australia & New Zealand as well as the Australian Government Leadership Network.

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