Event Name IEEE SP Seminar by Dr. Wai Chee Yau on Computer-based Lip-reading using Motion Templates
Start Date 16th Feb 2009 6:00pm
End Date
Duration N/A

Title: Computer-based Lip-reading using Motion Templates [pdf]

Speaker: Dr. Wai Chee Yau

Time and Date: 6:00pm refreshments for, 6:30pm start, Monday, 16 Feb 2009

Place: Auditorium, Engineers Australia Building, 21 Bedford Street, North Melbourne


Imagine moving your lips silently to a computer and watching the unspoken utterances roll out on the screen - the ability to control computers without making a sound or touch-typing. This illustrates one of the main benefits of computer-based lip-reading. This technology invites the possibility of recognizing speech based on the movement of the human lips. A general overview of such computer-based lip reading approaches will be presented in this talk followed by a detailed description of the motion templates-based technique to recognize utterance without evaluating the sound signals. Potential applications for lip-reading technologies include human computer interface (HCI) for mobility-impaired users, defense applications that require voice-less communication, in-vehicle systems, and improvement of speech-based computer control in noise-filled environments.

Brief Bio:

Wai Chee Yau received the B.E. (Hons) Electronic degree from the Multimedia University, Malaysia in 2004. She has recently completed her doctoral degree in Electronic Engineering from RMIT University, Australia in 2008. Her research interests include visual speech recognition, image analysis, pattern recognition, and machine learning. Her PhD project is on computer-based lip-reading. The outcome of her research has been published in a book chapter, 3 journal papers and a number of conference papers.

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