Event Name IEEE SP Seminar by Dr. Ba-Ngu Vo on Random Finite Sets in Stochastic Filtering
Start Date 28th Jul 2009 6:00pm
End Date
Duration N/A

Title: Random Finite Sets in Stochastic Filtering [pdf]

Speaker: Dr. Ba-Ngu Vo

Time and Date: 6:00pm refreshments for, 6:30pm start, Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Place: Meeting Rooms A & B, Engineers Australia Building, 21 Bedford Street, North Melbourne


The last decade has witnessed exciting developments in stochastic filtering theory and practice. The introduction of random finite set theory to signal processing has led to the development of the Probability Hypothesis Density (PHD) filters, which attracted substantial interests from academia and industry alike. The PHD filters have been used by BP in oil pipeline tracking, DSO Singapore in passive sensing, FGAN in the September 2007 NATO ‘Bold Avenger’ defence exercise and Lockheed Martin in the US space fence program. Random finite set theory is a rigorous mathematical discipline for dealing with random spatial patterns that has long been used by statisticians in many diverse applications including agriculture, geology, seismology, and epidemiology. This seminar outlines recent advances in stochastic filtering brought about by random finite set theory, and presents a number of applications areas including, radar, sonar, computer vision, and robotics.

Brief Bio:

Ba-Ngu Vo received his Bachelor degrees jointly in Pure Mathematics and Electrical Engineering at the University of Western Australia in 1994, and PhD degree at Curtin University of Technology in 1997. He has held various research positions in Australia and overseas before joining the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, the University of Melbourne in 2000, where he is currently an Associate Professor. His research interests include optimisation, signal processing, and stochastic geometry.
Dr Vo is best known as a pioneer in the random set approach to stochastic filtering. He has made fundamental contributions to the mathematical foundation and development of computational tools for stochastic filtering of multiple objects. His work has been used by BP, DSO Singapore, FGAN, and Lockheed Martin.

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