ISSNIP Funding program 2007

The role of The ARC Research Network on ISSNIP is to promote collaborative research, raise the profile of Australian researchers locally and internationally and provide access by Australian researchers to outside technological expertise and facilities. In helping to achieve these objectives ISSNIP is introducing additional funding programs to support travel, collaborative visits.

ISSNIP Travel Grants ($1000)

A number of grants of $1000 are being made available to ISSNIP Research Network members (and affiliates) to support travel to conferences and workshops, (including ISSNIP 2007), as well as research visits to undertake collaborative work encompassed by the ISSNIP research themes. These grants are intended to assist with related expenses including travel costs and registrations. A limited number of grants are also available to non-members for collaboration with ISSNIP members.


1) Supervisor should be a member of ARC Research Network on ISSNIP.

2) Funds can be spent on networking activities and visits.

3) Proposals providing contact details, event/activity description, abstract of work being supported and associated costs (including source of remaining funds) should be submitted to Ms. Georgi Cahill (g.cahill (at) ee (dot) unimelb (dot) edu (dot) au), Executive Assistant, ARC RN ISSNIP.

ISSNIP Sponsorship of Conferences, Workshops and Distinguished Visitors

Building upon the success of events run by ISSNIP members in 2006, support of Conferences, Workshops, Distinguished Visitors Seminars and related events is once again available upon request. Expenditure of ISSNIP support is primarily to offset the costs of participation by ISSNIP members as well as support travel related expenses of invited speakers. Supported events should be focussed on the key thematic areas of ISSNIP and endeavour to meet the broad objectives of the Research Network. Inquiries should be made directly to the ISSNIP Network Convenor.

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