International Workshop on Mobile Computing Technologies for

Pervasive Healthcare 2007

10th and 11th of December, 2007
Phillip Island, Melbourne
Purpose and background

The global healthcare industry is facing a great challenge due to the ever increase of the aging population, the increase of life-style related chronic diseases, the shortage of experienced clinicians and nurses, and an increase of demand for quality healthcare service. In the other hand, we all have witnessed the unprecedented advances of information and communication technologies in last decade, which has brought profound impacts on all aspects of our society including the healthcare environment. The modern ICT has been transforming the traditional centralised doctor-centric healthcare delivery mode to the new patient-centric mode, in which the healthcare is more distributed, more proactive, more responsive and more pervasive. By using the power of ubiquitous computing and ambient intelligence, it is possible to deliver healthcare with an extended coverage and a reduced cost. Moreover, it can bring healthcare to anyone, anytime and anywhere. This so called pervasive healthcare would be effective for general wellness management, disease preventive care, and patient proactive intervention and therefore will be a solution to the challenges that the healthcare industry is facing.


The pervasive healthcare and its delivery largely rely on the mobile computing, embedded and wearable technologies, wireless networks, sensor technologies, medical information system and other advanced technologies. This workshop aims to discuss a set of related information and communication technologies that can be effectively utilised to design and implement new emerging pervasive healthcare delivery systems. This workshop also aims to provide a forum for discussions between Australian researchers and world leading researchers in this area and encourage interactions between university researchers and industrial community. In particular, the topics that the workshop covers include:
Healthcare financing strategy and delivery mode in the world;
The mobile health monitoring on J2ME platform;
Body area sensor network and wearable health monitoring ;
ZigBee-based healthcare application;
The Near Field Communication (NFC) and its application for healthcare delivery
Ambulatory system for sleep monitoring and induction.

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