Australian Mathematical Society conference

25 - 28 September 2007
La Trobe University Melbourne

Australian Mathematical Society conference will be held on 25-28 September, 2007 (Tuesday-Friday) at La trobe University, Melbourne.  The conference has a very strong Optimisation/Operations Research stream, thanks in no small part to ISSNIP participation, with sessions running all day Tuesday and Wednesday, and a half-day on Friday.  The plenary and keynote speaches for this conference are as follows:

  10:30am Tues 25 STEVEN WRIGHT, Uni of Wisconsin-Madison (PLENARY)
                  "Mathematical Foundations of Numerical Optimization"

  11:30am Tues 25 ANDY PHILPOTT, Uni of Auckland (Keynote)
                  "Stochastic optimization in electricity pool markets"

   2:00pm Wed  26 JERZY FILAR, Uni of SA (Keynote)
                  "Controlled Markov Chains, Graphs and Hamiltonicity"

  11:00am Fri  28 DANNY RALPH, Uni of Cambridge (Keynote)
                  "A selective survey of MPECs"

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