Joint ISSNIP and CREON Workshop

Towards the development of an Integrated Coral Reef Ecosystem Observing System (I-CREOS)


Morning-1: Invited keynote speakers talking about the vision of an I-CREOS and what technologies and standards may help at the information end in developing integrated products and portals

Morning Tea

Morning-2: Updates from the major coral reef sensor network projects including Taiwan, Moorea, the Caribbean and the GBR


Afternoon-1: Deployment and implementation issues – how we can build standardised systems from the ground (reef) up

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon-2: Data and information issues, how to build a common data infrastructure to support the collaborative work and to deliver integrated data products

Evening: Working Dinner and development of a way forward document


Rationale: There are a small number of groups working on deploying coral reef sensor networks. The initial focus has been on getting systems deployed and getting the reef based equipment operational. We are now in the position where a number of these projects have operational systems, the next phase is to look at how these can be brought together into a single network that allows parameters at various sites to be co-mapped and analysed.

The workshop will focus on three aspects: firstly on what has been done and what lessons or best practise we can gather from that, secondly, what it would take to integrate these systems into a common ‘view’ or portal (i.e. what an integrated system would look like). The final aspect is how the emerging ‘smart’ sensor systems underpinned by the OGC and IEEE sets of standards, can be deployed within a coral reef ‘use-case’.

One part of the workshop will be an in-depth look at how the smart controllers and systems currently being developed can be applied to real-world networks such as the existing or developing coral reef sensor networks and what type of new information would such a system provide. The intention is that this meeting may be a lead up to a further meeting in San Diego in March.

Date: 10th of December in Melbourne Australia after the main ISSNIP conference (

Who should attend: CREON Members (Taiwan, Moorea, Caribbean, GBR groups), DataTurbine group, MBRAI group, NOAA CREWS group, general sensor network community, general coral reef community, specialists in sensor network and the OGC / IEEE set of standards and protocols.

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