Synopsis on Adaptive Risk management

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Mihaela Ulieru
Canada Research Chair
Professor, Faculty of Computer Science
Director, Adaptive Risk Management Laboratory
The University of New Brunswick
Fredericton, New Brunswick

Venue:     RMIT BLD 10, Level 7, Rm 27.

Time  :     12th December 2006, 10 am - 1 pm
                Lunch will be provided.

Venue:     Brown Theatre
                Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
                (Building 193, Parkville Campus)
                Melbourne University

Time  :     14th December 2006, 11 am - 12 pm



My lectures will build on the radical shift in the Internet of the Future from how we know it today (a mere communication highway) into a vast hybrid network seamlessly integrating physical (mobile or static) devices with distributed sensing and actuation, communications, storage and computation mechanisms to power, control or operate virtually any device, appliance or system/infrastructure. Manipulation of the physical world occurs locally but control and observability are enabled safely and securely across a virtual network.

Tremendous progress in the emerging area of ubiquitous, pervasive and tangible computing enables hardware and software to be integrated to a degree that makes possible a technological revolution in which ICT systems merged with physical infrastructure will be transformed together into a vast intelligence network, called an eNetwork. eNetworks are the nervous system of interdependent critical infrastructures and as such are the the weakest link. I will introduce a novel approach to building resilient critical supply networks of any kind (electricity, water, gas, finances, materials and products, etc).

In this context I will focus on the design integration and implementation of multi-scale and multi-level eNetworks regarded as a ubiquitous computing system of ever-evolving networks of computers and mobile devices that are needed to support and provide the monitoring and control of critical infrastructure. I will present a generic methodology of design for resilience of critical infrastructures in which the eNetwork middleware will continuously self-organize to adapt the resilience of the infrastructure accordingly as vulnerabilities and threats emerge. I build on previous experience in developing adaptive information infrastructures and adaptive risk management strategies following three streams of research
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