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Completed Workshops

  • ISSNIP Summer School 2008. 12th - 13th November, 2008. University of Melbourne, Australia.
  • Wireless Sensor and Actuator Network Research on Opposite Sides of the Globe - Europe/SENSEI and Australia/ISSNIP: June, 2008. Call for Posters [Link]
  • DG/SUM'07: ISSNIP/ISPRS Joint International Workshop on Distributed Geoinformatics and Sensing, Ubiquity, and Mobility. 19th September 2007  
  • Networked Systems Research Group of NICTA with sponsorship from ISSNIP 2007 has organized a workshop on Embedded Networking and would like to invite all staff and post graduate students to attend the workshop.  on 6 th September 2007 at NICTA ATP Laboratory.
  • SENSORS, SIGNALS AND SCHEDULING WORKSHOP held Simultaneously in both Adelaide and Melbourne on 18 20 December 2006.
  • Fifth Workshop on Defence Applications of Signal Processing. 10 - 14 December, Kingfisher Bay Resort, Fraser Island, Australia (ISSNIP co-sponsored)
  • Synopsis of Adaptive Risk Management Workshop 12th December at RMIT university,  and 14th December in Melbourne University
  • DEST-ISL Workshop on Distributed Sensor Networks: Melbourne, December 7, 2006
  • ISSNIP ECR Workshop on Sensor Networks at ATNAC2006: 6th December, 2006
  • 5th Ballarat Workshop on Global and Non Smooth Optimization Theory:  Methods and Applications.  28-30 November, 2006.
  • ISSNIP Summer School 2006 : University of Melbourne, December 8-9, 2006
  • MIDSENS 2006: First International Workshop on Middleware for Sensor Networks. November 28, 2006, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Workshop on Wireless Sensor Networks in Biomedicine: Sydney, 21 November 2006
  • Workshop on Bio-signals and Data Classification Techniques (RMIT) :This workshop was conducted on 22nd September, 2006 at RMIT University, Australia. Some useful downloads from this workshop are given below:

               Programme Shedule [PDF
               Cluster analysis k-means by Wai Chee Yau:  Presentation [PDF
               Ensemble Self-Generating Neural Trees by Andrew Jennings: Presentation [PDF
               Independent Component Analysis (ICA) by Ganesh Naik: Presentation [PDF
               Artificial Neural Network by Shern Cheng, Yau: Presentation [PDF]
               Introduction to Bio -Signals by Vijay P Singh: Presentation [PDF]
               Cluster Analysis-Hierarchical Clustering by Sridhar P. Arjunan: Presentation [PDF
               Fractal Theory & Naive Bayes Classifier-A Basic Introduction by Sridhar P. Arjunan: Presentation [PDF]

  • Bio-Information Processing: Chaired by A/Prof. Dinesh Kant Kumar from RMIT university
  • Optimization in Sensor Networks workshop: Chaired by Moshe Zukerman (Mathematics), Palaniswami and Baikunth from The University of Melbourne, was conducted in collaboration with Australian Mathematics and Statistics Institute and was well attended.
  • DEST funded Australia-EU Joint Workshop on Signal Processing in Sensor Networks: Chaired by A/Prof. M Palaniswami, A/Prof. P Havinga (Uni Twente, The Netherlands) and Prof. E. Oja (Helsink University, Finland). The network also succeeded in obtaining another grant to conduct Joint European Australian Workshop on Signal Processing in Sensor Networks. About 14 researchers from Europe visited Australia during Dec 2004. It was a well attended event.
  • Unmanned Vehicle Systems (Anthony Finn, DSTO)
  • Machine Learning in Sensor Networks (Arcot Sowmya, UNSW)
  • Bio-inspired models (David Grayden, Bionic Ear Institute)
  • Post-graduate student workshop on ISSNIP (Slaven Marusic UNSW)
  • Workshop in Townsville (Great Barrier Reef) where the sensors are being deployed.
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