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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
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A number of positions are available for under-graduate student summer internships in the Department of Electronic Engineering at The University of Melbourne, in the area of Sensor Networks for environmental sensing. The project will be undertaken in conjunction with researchers from the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), Townsville.

 The students will work under the direction of the convenor of the ARC Research Network on Intelligent Sensing, Sensor Networks and Information processing (ISSNIP) or nominated project partner, building upon the research being conducted within existing environmental sensor networks projects for the Great Barrier Reef, in developing sensor networks test-beds and infrastructure for marine environments. Understanding the nature of marine environmental parameters such as temperature, light and wave structure is of paramount importance in understanding the ecology of coral reefs.  The proposed projects develop a framework to collect and analyse this information.


SensorMap for the Great Barrier Reef
Interfacing real time data streams to the Microsoft SensorMap platform, to assist in the process of data and sensor management and provide an effective means for online real-time publication of sensor data and access to the network for participating researchers.

Prerequisites: Experience in C/Java programming.

Equipment: PC.

Analysis of Great Barrier Reef data
Development of real time event and trend detection systems. Based on the continual stream of environmental data the capacity, the long and short term trends are evaluated using software.

Prerequisites: Statistics. Experience in C/Java programming.

Experience with R preferred.

Equipment: PC.

Network health monitoring
Development of algorithms to evaluate network health. This includes networking evaluation using graph theory to examine and visualise the network weak spots and areas where additional systems are required.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of graph theory. Programming.

Equipment: PC with Matlab/Mathematica. Sensor nodes (brand and model to be decided later).


Work will be undertaken with project partners from the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), James Cook University and the University of Melbourne. According to the needs of the project, some time may be spent at a suitable venue amongst the partner organisations. Desirable qualities include expertise in: communications, networks, signal processing and hardware development.

Pdf copy of the above internship information can be downladed from here.

For further details, please contact:

Ms Georgi Cahill

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The University of Melbourne

Victoria 3010 Australia

Phone:   +61 3 8344 7685

Fax:         +61 3 9347 1094

Email:    issnip (at) ee (dot) unimelb (dot) edu (dot) au

ISSNIP Website:


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