ISSNIP Research Themes

Research Agenda

The broad research agenda of the network will cover four major themes with close collaboration between the themes. Each of the themes will be steered by network research strategist. The themes are:
The research problems undertaken will be based on the input from Defence Science Technology Organisation (DSTO), CSIRO, private industries such as Lockeed Martin, Raytheon, Veridian, Tenix, Compumedics, Cisco. These are considered to be vital in shaping the collaboration and direction in order to achieve substantial benefit to the country.

There have been some previous cross collaborations between the teams and this structure maximizes the network collaboration in all directions. The collaboration from the teams at MIT (USA) and at LSU (USA) is also substantial and they would bring resources complementing the existing network team. The younger investigators will be able to interact with the overseas team substantially on a range of projects. It is estimated that there will be about 120 post graduate research students (as of 2005) who will benefit from the network.

Research Themes

The following research themes emerged after three successful meetings with experts in different field over a period 2 months. The list covers most of the major areas in the field but is incomplete. A couple of theme areas would be added in the due course.
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