ISSNIP Strategic Themes

We have identified five strategic themes, around which we develop strategies to ensure their success in attaining our vision.

  1. National Collaboration and Identity
    To build a fertile and effective national collaborative environment for undertaking innovative multi-disciplinary research in sensor networks and to create a strong Australian sensor networks research identity.

  2. Industry Linkage
    To work with Australian sensor network researchers and relevant industry sectors to explore opportunities for the application of sensor network technology.

  3. International Linkages
    To create opportunities and an environment for linking Australian sensor network researchers with the premier sensor networks research groups around the world.

  4. Education
    To actively pursue the expansion of sensor networks related post-graduate student research opportunities in Australian Universities and raise the national awareness of the emerging sensor networks science and explore undergraduate and secondary school educational opportunities.

  5. Future Funding
    To build co-operative multi-disciplinary research teams and industry linkages that will generate a future stream of collaborative multi-disciplinary research activities including new multi-disciplinary proposals for research funding.



We have developed five primary strategies that can be applied in an integrated manner to assist in delivering our strategic themes.  They are:

  1. Creating awareness of the network
  2. Growing technical knowledge
  3. Building the network
  4. Uilding our reputation
  5. Delivering industry outcomes 

Approach to realise ISSNIP Vision






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