The development of a world class national research and industry capability in sensor network technology is of great national importance.  The growth of this capability with the assistance of the Research Network is placing Australian researchers at the forefront of this development. Sensor Networks offer the ability to accurately and reliably gather vast amounts of information at low cost across a variety of environments. The development of this technology is offering new opportunities in the areas of environment, security and health.

The Research Network provides the framework for the critical interdisciplinary collaborations necessary to address the technical challenges in this area. ISSNIP thus plays a valuable role in advancing Frontier Technologies for great national benefit, in terms of the application of the technology being developed as well as the potential commercial gains for related Australian industry partners.

ISSNIP is aiding the development of technical expertise within the country by providing education programs as well as access to world leading researchers and technology from around the world.

Network members have leveraged the resources of ISSNIP through its many national and international collaborative research projects such as the DEST-ISL project on Distributed Sensor Networks to gain access to European Union 6th Framework Programme (EU 6th FP) projects such as E-Sense in order develop new international links. Aided by joint workshops, such events have generated positive outcomes in the form of new project proposals and links to EU 7th FP projects. Network links to Great Barrier Reef environmental sensing projects, through the DEST-ISL project and the NCRIS-Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) project have given members the opportunity to be part of new related proposals that add another dimension to already successful collaborative partnerships, linking up with new Australian research partners as well as international academic and industry partners. These outcomes have been aided by ISSNIP support of joint workshops and meetings, building on the strong foundation of interdisciplinary collaborative links of the Network. In undertaking these new projects, ISSNIP researchers continue to successfully advance national interests in the development of Frontier Technologies.

Research collaborations with DSTO on defence related applications, including geo-location, sensor fusion and unmanned aerial vehicle development serve to enhance national security and defence capabilities with respect to the challenge of monitoring Australia’s vast border regions. These links are reinforced by the access to international expertise in this area provided through ISSNIP support of world leading keynote speakers undertaking related works in Europe and the USA.

International involvement in the ISSNIP Research Network continues to grow with an ever increasing profile generated through the ISSNIP events that successfully attract, high calibre international visitors, but also international events supported by ISSNIP and its participating members.  The international standing of ISSNIP members is also being recognised through numerous awards, roles on Journal editorial boards and international societies, together with continued invitations for plenary/keynote talks.  Australia’s position at the forefront of sensor network technology development is made possible with the support of the ARC Research Network on ISSNIP.


Our vision is to create the collaborative research foundations which support a world leading Australian sensor networks and information processing industry. 

We will achieve this vision by establishing strategic themes, against which we will develop strategies and initiatives to grow our capabilities.

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